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Version 0.3.0 now available


The 0.3.0 release marks some significant back-end changes and some general improvements overall. It is recommended that all users upgrade to this latest release.

  • Notably an important schema change was introduced to allow efficient mapping between tickets and iterations. This mapping is now visible on the Roadmap and on each Ticket where you can see which Iterations a ticket is associated with. This association is achieved through the addition of a new iteration_ticket table in the database.
  • This release is up-to-date with the latest stable release of  Trac, at the time of release that is  Trac 0.11.5.
  • Finally it important to note that this release would not have been possible without the help of dfraser who recently joined the development team and has already made a significant impact on the project. Long time users will remember his name from the 0.2.0 release where he provided at least one patch and other valuable feedback.

To Upgrade Your Installation

1. Upgrade the Agile-Trac plugin

Upgrade your plugin using easy_install as shown. Ensure you have administrative privileges, for example if using Linux you might need to run this as root or prepend the command with sudo.

easy_install -U

2. Update the patch

You must also use svn to update your agile-trac patch.

Note: The location of your  Trac install will depend on the version number, for example you might have  Trac 0.11 or a newer version like  Trac 0.11.1.


This will depend on your installation, for example with  Trac 0.11, this may work.

cd C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\Trac-0.11-py2.5.egg


Do these commands as a user of sufficient privileges, for example as root.

This will depend on your distribution. For example in Debian Testing for  Trac 0.11 you might type:

cd /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Trac-0.11-py2.5.egg/

Now run svn update from the current location, for example,

svn update

3. Restart you web server

For example if you are using apache you might need to execute,

apache2ctl graceful

4. Upgrade your trac environment

Since this release includes a schema change you will need to run,

trac-admin upgrade /path/to/your/trac/project

so that the schema changes required can be applied.

Refer to Installing Agile-Trac for more details.