Agile Development in Globally Distributed Team

source:/BRANCH/TRUNK/artifacts/presentations/agile_2008_logo.png One of the great uses for tools like trac, and obviously agile-trac, is development in a distributed environment. Much of the initial design of agile-trac grew from an agile project where the whole team was distributed with team members on different continents and hence also in different time-zones. During that project a lot was learned about how to work effectively in a distributed setting.

A key observation is that the solution to distributed development is not co-location. You can effectively develop within a distributed team, and with reasonable tool support this can be quite pain free. I link to a  presentation here that was first given at Agile 2008 in Toronto last year. It captures many of the lessons learned from several years of working in agile distributed teams. It turns out that going agile can really bring benefits in a distributed setting as it helps focus both the nature and the quality of communication.


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