Foundations of Agile Development

When I am introducing agile development within a company, or within a team, I find it useful to give a brief overview of what I actually mean by agile development.

The reasons for this are simple. Most people have heard of the term agile development but yet there appear to be many different perspectives on what is meant by that.

For example, many people are of the opinion that to be agile means practicing one of the many canned agile methodologies, like XP, FDD or Scrum. Others have a very practice oriented view of agile development. That is, they see agile development as nothing more than a collection of practices, like TDD, pair programming and so on.

As a result of that I typically introduce the idea of agile development with a quick presentation of what I feel are the  foundations of agile development. I also try to tie into that discussion some of the terms with which most developers are already familiar with, such as use cases.

Of course agile-trac has been designed to support the foundations of agile development outlined in this presentation. Some of the screenshots in the presentation are from a heavily hacked wiki site which used perl scripts to try to simulate some of the functionality that is supported first class in agile-trac.

This presentation is a good starting point for understanding agile-trac and how it should be used. It is not intended as a replacement for documentation, but should nevertheless provide some useful insights.

  • Posted: 2009-02-08 17:49
  • Author: ja11sop
  • Categories: agile


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