Starting with SVN revision 247 it is now possible to install Agile-Trac onto an exisitng environment

svn update required

Previously it was not clear how best to install Agile-Trac onto an existing trac environment - with existing tickets. After sufficient experience of Agile-Trac in the real world a simple strategy has been adopted to handle this scenario and has allowed ticket:44 to be finally addressed.

There are two key areas that have caused difficulties. First Agile-Trac relies on the data stored in the ticket_completion table to calculate information relevant to ticket groups (like milestones and iterations), and second, the milestones themselves have an additional priority field in Agile-Trac which is used to help order milestones on the Roadmap view.

Starting with SVN revision 247 ticket completion fields and milestone priorities are lazily created so it is not required that they exist in the database. For milestones this has actually not been an issue for some time now, but for ticket completion fields it was unclear what an appropriate default set of values were.

The approach taken is this:

  • If a ticket does not yet have a status of closed then the initial size values are considered to be undefined.
  • If a ticket has been resolved to a status of closed then the size values for the ticket are considered to be 0.

The reason for considering closed tickets to have a sizing of 0 is actually quite simple. We use the sizing only to associate the progress of a ticket with a time duration - an iteration, and since these tickets were closed previously that association does not exist. Hence we treat as having a 0 size. This aligns well with the notion of a fixed ticket being simply available. The recommendation in fact is to rename the fixed resolution to available and make another resolution, for example split or invalid the default resolution.


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