Version 0.2.0 now available


This is an important release with several noteworthy points.

  • we've created a release branch starting with 0.2.0 to allow more aggressive changes to be made on the development branch. For those who don't mind the odd breakage then you are free to install and update from the development branch. Details for the release branch can be found on the installation page. Branch details are summarised at the end of this post.
  • we've moved to a single unified patch for all 0.11.x trac installs. This will significantly reduce the overhead of making updates. We held off doing this as there were some version specific issues that are now all resolved. In essence the unified patch will be against the latest trac release on the 0.11 branch.
  • we've fixed quite a few annoyances, some of which were considered critical. These are listed below. Some great community support has made these fixes possible.
  • we've ironed out database back-end issues so that we work with both Sqlite and Postgresql (including 8.3). If you have an Sqlite install and would like to migrate to Postgresql then you can read more on the Migration from Sqlite to Postgresql page.
  • we've added some improved documentation for the configuration options currently supported by Agile-Trac.

Some Stories and Defects addressed in 0.2.0

There have been more changes than those listed and some incremental changes for stories which are not yet complete, however some of the highlights are shown in the list below.

  • #91 - Error when an iteration contains a story that does not belong to a milestone. Many thanks go to augustinus for reporting this and providing a patch!
  • #101 - Previewing a ticket when progressing a completion stage resulted in an error. Many thanks go to dfraser for reporting this and providing a patch!
  • #67 - Ticket changes were not being saved when a ticket had custom fields
  • #75 - Workflow bug where a completed story because of resizing to 0 is not DONE
  • #76 - No notification email sent when a story is partially complete
  • #97 - Makes it possible to reset the calculation of points per iteration to account for large team size changes.
  • #98 - Provides an indication what the date calculations on the Roadmap are based on.
  • #105 - Documents and provides working support for custom completion stages

To Upgrade Your Installation

Upgrade your plugin using easy_install as shown. Notice the new URL for this release,

sudo easy_install -U

You must also use svn to checkout the new unified patch, replacing your previous patch.

sudo svn co trac

Refer to Installing Agile-Trac for more details.

New Trac-0.11.x Agile-Trac Branches

There is now a development and release branch for the Trac-0.11.x version of Agile-Trac.

The URL for the development branch is:

The URL for the release branch is:


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