Version 0.3.2 now available


This is the last the in the 0.3.x series of releases. The intention here has been to update the patch to the latest stable version of the  0.11 Trac release and fix some minor issues. The next version will be 0.4.0 and will still be based on the  0.11 Trac. This will bring better support for same priority milestones and more control over how iteration history is used to calculate the points per completion rate.

Notable in this release:

  • The patch is now based on the latest stable  Trac 0.11.7 release
  • Milestones are now shaded alternately in the roadmap summary view based on the milestone priority. Milestones with the same priority are shaded the same
  • The resolution of a story is now displayed as part of the mouse-over hint when a story is completed. Different colours are also used depending on the resolution
  • A possible overflow error was fixed for situations were very low completion rates could cause the predicted completion dates to overflow

To upgrade your installation use:

easy_install -U

You must also use svn update on your patch using:

sudo svn update

from the trac folder in your Trac installation.

It is probably a good idea to restart your web-server also.

The plans are to continue support for new 0.4.x series of releases while work starts on supporting  Trac 0.12.


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