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#33 EndUser? will have the due date status reflect the expected completion date to make it more useful userstory release planning -- --
#46 EndUser? should be able to differentiate between no expected milestone date because there is insufficient data and no date because the data says it will never be finished ja11sop@… user story release planning -- --
#70 The filter "iteration" is missing in custom query links of the page "Iterations" ja11sop defect iterations --
#93 EndUser? should have control over the display of the iteration work table, including what colums are shown and the default sort order ja11sop user story iterations Plugin 0.1.5 --
#108 Fixing setting size fields to 0 is unexpected ja11sop suggestion/feedback documentation Plugin 0.1.6 --
#125 Roadmap viewer should have the possibility of seeing the effect of parallel weighted work on milestones of equal priority ja11sop user story release planning --
#134 EndUser? should be able to view the expected completion dates for a milestone on the milestone view ja11sop user story release planning --
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