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Running on Ubuntu 9.10 I followed the instructions to install agile-trac. I easy_installed the pluging, moved and replace the trac code with the unified patch, restarted, enabled everything, upgraded and restarted again.

It seems to have installed correctly and works except that when I try to do anything with Iterations it tells me the iterations.html template cannot be found and so this part does not work. It also tells me that admin_iterations.html cannot be found.

Is this a know issues? I am using all the latest code. Please advise. Thanks.

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Hm, this is a strange one. The missing files are definitely present in the patch (I verified just in case). Can you check that those files are actually present in your svn checked out patch? I assume you got the trac upgraded message ok?

It sounds for all the world that somehow your trac is actually pointing to another trac somewhere in the system and that is being used. If there is any more info you can provide like trac log messages (you might want to enable trac logging and bump up the verbosity). That would help me figure out better what is happening.

Thanks for reporting this, btw. Feedback is invaluable.

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:) No prob. This is a cool plugin and if it works we might be able to use it at work.

I was just messing with it again and your guess was exactly right. For some reason instead of there being a symlink there were two copies of trac. One at /usr/shared/pyshared/trac and another at /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/trac.

I symnlinked /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/trac to /usr/shared/pyshared/trac and it worked!

So on Ubuntu 9.10 I was able to install the normal packages. Apply the agile-trac plugin and unified patch following your instructions against /usr/shared/pyshared/trac. Then symnlink the two (moving the old dist-package version to trac_orig just in case for safe keepings).

I also pinned the Ubuntu package so it does not update itself so to not overwrite this patched version. I will test the setup again on a clean vm and if there is an issue with the trac .deb package I will take it up with the maintainer.

Your code and instructs do seem to work just fine.


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