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user story #75 (closed: DONE)

Ticket becoming "sized" while it should become "closed: DONE"

Test Complete Size: 3 Test Complete Date: 05/23/2009
Documentation Complete Size: 0 Documentation Complete Date:
Acceptance Complete Size: 1 Acceptance Complete Date: 05/24/2009
Reported by: sgissinger Owned by: ja11sop
Milestone: Clean up of Plugin with Patch Component: completion stages
Version: Keywords:
Cc: Blocked By:
Blocking: Patch SVN Revision:
Patch Trac Version: not_applicable
In Iterations: 15 19 23


Step 1

  1. New ticket
  2. Fill values
    • Test Completed Size = 3
    • Document Completed Size = 0
    • Acceptance Completed Size = undefined
  3. Create ticket

Step 2

  1. Edit this ticket (partially_sized)
  2. Check progress action
  3. Fill test_complete with 12/09/08
  4. Submit changes

Step 3

  1. Edit this ticket (partially_sized)
  2. Check size action
  3. Fill acceptance_complete as = 0
  4. Submit changes

The ticket appears sized while acceptance_size = 0 and test_complete is over.

Some kind of bypass

  1. Edit this ticket
  2. Check progress action (do not edit anything)
  3. Submit changes

It appears closed: DONE.

Change History

Have a look at the list of modified files related to this ticket.

Changed 10 years ago by ja11sop

  • test_complete_size changed from undefined to 3
  • doc_complete_size changed from undefined to 0
  • acceptance_complete_size changed from undefined to 1

Thanks for the detailed reproduction steps. Will verify and investigate a fix shortly. Seems like a basic logical error in the workflow.

Changed 10 years ago by ja11sop

  • trac_version set to not_applicable
  • test_complete_date set to 05/23/09

Changed 10 years ago by ja11sop

This is now fixed in 0.1.7. You'll need to do a:

sudo easy_install -U

to pick the changes.

Changed 10 years ago by ja11sop

  • acceptance_complete_date set to 05/24/09
  • status changed from sized to closed
  • resolution set to DONE
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