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EndUser? should have control over the display of the iteration work table, including what colums are shown and the default sort order

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Milestone: Clean up of Plugin with Patch Component: iterations
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The ticket order of an itteration is now based on their size.

Higher in the list means higher priority (Biggest points first)...

I think the severity should also be used to make the order.

So a small issue (in points) but with a higher severity (criticial) should be higher in the list than a big issue with a minor severity...

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I think this is a good idea. Currently we are looking at doing three things:

  1. Make the Iteration Work table a macro so that it can be placed anywhere where it is felt appropriate to have this information.
  2. All the macro to accept a number of column names for those columns that are considered relevant. So for example passing the 'severity' string to the macro would allow a column to be added displaying this field.
  3. Finally allow a sort order to be specified also.

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Woot, that looks like a brilliant plan!

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