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AgileAdmin? should be able to 'reset' points per iteration in the event of drastic team changes

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AgileAdmin? should be able to 'reset' points per iteration in the event of drastic team changes

For example if a team changed from 1 person to 6 people and the team was working in 3 week iterations then the current moving average calculation means that roadmap dates would be wildly inaccurate for several iterations. With 3 week iterations this would mean that the dates provided would not be useful for strategic planning due to their inaccuracy.

By allowing the system to 'ignore' older atypical iteration data you can see new more accurate dates as soon as the first iteration with the new team approaches completion.

We also want to ensure:

  • iterations in the future are ignored
  • only the duration of the current iteration before 'today' is considered

We can add a config setting that allows the AgileAdmin? to specify the ignore_iterations_ending_before date. The date format should match that expected for dates used in the trac instance itself as internally parse_date() will be used. For example you might write:

ignore_iterations_ending_before = 03/17/09

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