Agile-Trac Development

This page is a resource entry point for notes on developing for agile-trac. Here we will collate all the notes that are required to bring a developer up to speed for working on agile-trac.

Understanding the Repository Layout

The agile-trac repository is laid out as follows:

  +--[F] AGILE-TRAC 
      +--[F] SOURCE
          +--[F] 0.11
              +--[F] DEV
              |   |
              |   +--[F] agiletrac
              |   |
              |   +--[F] patch
              |   |
              |   +--
              +--[F] REL
                  +--[F] agiletrac
                  +--[F] patch

Setting up your environment for development

Using python install develop

Merging from the DEV branch to the REL branch

The easiest way to merge the DEV branch into the REL branch in preparation for release is change to your working copy of the REL branch, for example,

cd /coding/

then execute:

svn merge

By doing this the current directory will be assumed and all changes from the DEV branch will merged over to your working copy of the release branch. The version in can now updated to reflect the current version before committing.

Creating a release tag