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Welcome to the home page of the Agile-Trac Plugin

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How to install the latest version of the Agile-Trac Plugin


Agile-Trac adds the concept of Iterations to  Trac which allows a more useful Roadmap view with predicted completion date ranges and relatively sized progress indicators. User stories (and tickets in general) can have one or more completion stages defined for them. These are relatively sized using a sizing scale that you define. A story is then DONE when all its completion stages are complete. This allows a historical view of story completion to be captured allowing estimation of future progress. Over time better user story support will be added. You can view the Roadmap to see what is currently planned.

To get a feel for Agile-Trac browse the Iterations and Roadmap tabs.


While the basic capabilities necessary to use iterations and user stories are in place this plugin still needs more work to make using these more pleasant. In other words this is an early, just working, release. Expect ease of use to improve over time.


If you register and account you may create a new issue detailing your problem.

Features to Date

The best way to see what has been done is to browse this site and to read through the user stories on the Roadmap page. However a brief summary list is provided below.

  • Iterations are added along with an Iterations page.
  • Tickets now have relatively sized completion stages.
    • One or more completion stages can be defined for a tickets where each completion stage has associated with it a relative size and a completion date.
  • Tickets are closed when all completion stages are Done.
  • The Roadmap page is enhanced with a milestone summary view showing estimated completion dates which are based on previous iteration progress.
  • Progress bars are relatively sized to provide a better indication of the size of Iterations and Milestones.
  • Milestones can now be ordered by priority making it easier to split large Milestones in to smaller Milestones.


How to install the latest version of the Agile-Trac Plugin

Random Discussion Topics

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  •  GraphvizPlugin
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